"Rising Above Defeatism" For Gaynor Owens' Awesome Students Lance Sven England Talk
We met speed dating, so to propose I brought her back to the same table and set a timer for the same 5 minutes.
Winter Summit Stanwich Youth 2016 Camp of the Woods March 4-6th, 2016 Stanwich Church, Greenwich Ct. Part of the Youth Network, Fairfield County.
Here is the full video of our trip in 2015. Hope you guys enjoy it!
I surprised 2 of my cousins, Kristian and Bjorn, and their friend Ryan with a skydiving morning. I told them we were going out to breakfast and drove them to the airfield. It was so so fun. Thanks Skydive Jersey for the experience and for filming all of us.
Contact We Care is an organization that helps aid in the prevention of teenage suicide. They are a hotline for teens in NJ to call and be connected with someone who cares and can help them in their time of need.
Joy Johnson NYC Marathon Streaker Event 2014. Oct 31, 2014. Joy ran 25 straight NYC Marathons. She passed in 2013 after the marathon. Joy was an amazing woman with an incredible heart. Her life motto was "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
Drew Huber sharing at the Contact We Care Gala. Oct 23rd 2014 in New Jersey. Drew found out about CWC through their 5k partnership with RunAnyway. A girl in his youth group was saved by Contact We Care. Here Drew shares about it.
Lance Sven sharing about the NYC Marathon and Prayer. Nov 2nd, 2014 at The Gathering. Part of Stanwich Church in Greenwich ct. @LanceSven @Stanwich_Church @NYCMarathon
Speaking at KAC Fusion's fall retreat. "Epic" Talk 3 "Masterpiece" Saturday Night Oct 2014 @LanceSven
Kara Sven Surprise Birthday NYC City wide scavenger hunt in October. It's complete with Impractical Joker games, Cash Cab questions, the Connollys. Love you more than you likely know Kara! Love Your Brother, Lance.
Announcing I'm leaving Renaissance Church from stage. I'll be heading up to Stanwich Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. I'll be missing the kids at Elevate Student Min so much. @StanwichChurch @LanceSven @ElevateNJ @RenChurchNJ
Kristian Svendsen wrote this poem for his Dad, Roy, after he passed from brain cancer in April 2012. Kristian read it at his Dad's funeral. This is that same poem. Link to the audio from Roy Svendsen's funeral, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KkxG6obn6Q
Elevate Student Ministries, in Summit NJ. Part of Renaissance Church. http://www.facebook.com/ElevateNJ July 15th, 2012 Camp Recap Message This is Part 1- The "It's so Late it's Early Show" with Lance Sven Part 2- Nate Rayl's message after Camp is found here
Lance Sven raps about Elevate Student ministries in Summit. The Welcome, Annoucement, The Jonah Series and every kid in the room. Lyrics "Elevate Rap" Well, welcome to elevate student min. Everyone grab a seat, we welcome you in. Hey there new people, we're really glad you're here.
Craze Night at Elevate. June 1st, 2012 at Renaissance Church. Find us on Facebook, like right now. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Renaissance-Church-Elevate-Students-Ministries/152802824780164
Our Cousin Jeremiah Olszyk was in a dirt bike accident on May 27th 2012. He suffered brain trauma and has been fighting hard and improving everyday little by little. This is just a small example of support he's been getting and to show just how much he means to his team.
I wrote this for Kristian's graduation party. It was inspired by the rap songs Kristian and his friends used to write. The idea was Kara Sven's and this is recorded by Mike Roda. Lyrics Sit back and let me tell you about my cousin, Kristian. Great looking, great guy, from a line of Norsemen.
Lance Sven teaches on Creation using a Flip Chart. For Elevate Student Ministries at Renaissance Church on May 13th.
Audio from Uncle Roy Svendsen's funeral at Zaraphath Church. April 27th 2012.
March 18, 2012 Elevate Student Ministries Renaissance Church, Summit NJ "Creativity"
Project Adjective: 23 hours of filming & editing, 82 willing friends & family members, and 240 descriptive words later... I present "Project Adjective": A quest to Define Lance Svendsen through stop-motion photography. Of course I made it my big brother's 27th Birthday. I love him more than he likely knows.
Music by: Relient K Renaissance Church of Summit NJ Elevate Student Ministries Christmas Party Dec 18th 2011.
Renaissance Church of Summit NJ. Xpedition! Youth Group Throwback night where we invited the High School back to hang out with us to play all their old favorites. Starts with our cheesy entrance and ends with our favorite game Chocolate Pudding Marshmallow Toss.
Kara's 23rd Birthday video. Thanks to everyone who helped me with me! It's long so I don't expect people to watch the whole thing but for those who want to, hope you enjoy 30 mins of inside jokes and songs about Kåra Sven!
Here's a video I made for Lance's 26 Birthday. It's called "Introducing Lance"-- a parody of a Nick Jonas song from "Camp Rock 2" (I'm sure you've seen it- [Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpVyg3RulZ8&feature=fvst ]).
Kara did it again! She's unbelievable. Lance Svendsen's 24th Birthday present made by my little sissy Kara Sven! Funny quotes & deep thoughts from friends. Most of these quotes are from Jack Handey. I love this video. She is so sweet. Hope you guys like it.
Uploaded by lancesven on 2008-12-23.
I believe the title pretty much sums it up, but his little sissy Kara Sven gave it to him. Also, she loves her brother very much.
Beauty and the Beast Parody. Kara totally rocked the house and made me the best gift ever! With the help of Ricky Ragone, Dan Fleming and Jon Good. These guys are great sports. What an awesome sister I have! Thanks so much Kara!
Lance Svendsen being pulled on campus during snow day at PBU
hit in the head while up at bat