Coming in July 2019

Run Anyway

Back of book:

In 2012, Lance Svendsen, a 27 year old pastor, finds himself on an amazing running journey. Originally motivated by the death of his uncle, it begins when the NYC Marathon is cancelled and a group of friends decide they are going to finish what they had trained to do. They complete the marathon without water stations, medals, fanfare, or even a designated course. Lance's journey continues when he is entered into the Boston Marathon just a few months later, which ended with him witnessing the terrorist bombing at the finish line. What follows is a 50 mile ultra-marathon, and then a most rewarding trip into the mountains of Guatemala, where Lance finds himself carrying out sick children from a place where there was only one way to reach them - on foot. Run Anyway tells the refreshingly funny and inspirational story of a group of friends who knew they had to finish what they started.